About Know Your Space

We provide laser accurate 2D / 3D prints and data of your current built space to help you to protect, document, design and build for your successful project. We service architects, general contractors, project and facility managers, property developers, interior designers, property managers, rental property owners, homeowners, etc.

Benefits to Customer

  • Accurate 2D layout including square feet
  • Ability to do renovation and remodeling projects
  • 3D rendering of each level
  • Laser 3D scanning
  • Point cloud processing and registration
  • Material schedules for estimating and budgeting: siding, insulation, concrete, etc.
  • BIM for clash detection
  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • Electrical plan
  • Flooring plan
  • Room, building and exterior elevations
  • 3D models
  • 360 photography inventory documentation
  • construction planning and site logistics
  • vertical infrastructure inspection – proactive awareness or damage assessment
  • construction progress monitoring and asset management – daily to weekly updates